Monday, January 4, 2016

#1580 simple pleasure Monday

For Christmas this year I got a bluetooth speaker. It's medium-small size and puts out great sound. So far T has been the only person who has used it, but tonight I was home alone, puttering around the kitchen, and I decided to try the speaker out with my music.

I got myself a little belated Christmas gift. Using an iTunes gift card I had, I downloaded the album Traveller by Chris Stapleton. I listened to part of the album in my car this morning (bluetooth audio in my car!) and I really enjoyed it. It was my inaugural music on my kitchen speaker. I was cooking dinner and cleaning up the dishes and blissing out to Chris' blues-y, gravel-y voice. Dad and Lizzie, I think you would really like this album.

By the way, the dinner I made was pretty good! It was a new recipe for me for chicken enchilada skillet. The ingredients are simple, the prep is easy and the result is tasty. One change I would make is to add some onions. I'd saute the onions and get them nice and soft and sweet, then add the tortillas and chicken (step 1). MT liked it too, so I'm pretty sure we'll have it again. I put it in my little food calendar with the note YUM.

MT went upstairs to take a shower, and I was cleaning up the kitchen when I remembered the speaker, so I cranked up some dance-worthy tunes that I downloaded last night. Some of you may cringe at my musical choices, but what can I say? I like pop. I danced merrily around my kitchen to Nick Jonas Levels, One Direction Drag Me Down (my first 1D song!) and Elle King Exes and Ohs. Osi looked a little concerned at my dance moves and hid under the table, but I was having a total blast! So I guess my simple pleasure in the music and dancing also gave me joy. Win and win!

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Lizzie Wann said...

I've been thinking about downloading that Chris Stapleton record. Ever since I saw his performance with JT, I wanted to hear more!