Monday, February 8, 2016

#1600 simple pleasure Monday

There's just something about getting a haircut that makes me feel good. I've been going to the same stylist, Lanna, for probably 16 years. I feel like she knows my crazy hair and understands the way it behaves so she always gives me a good cut.

In the past year, the gray hair has been coming in much faster and with greater force than ever before. I have always had red hair and the gray hair comes in kind of white and makes my hair look brassy. I'm not a fan. My sister had dark hair and her gray hair came in early and in an interesting way. It started as a strip than widened and gradually took over all her hair. Now it's all silver and looks cool. It suits her. I do not feel like the gray hair suits me at all, so I have chosen to color it. Well, I have chosen to pay Lanna to color it. She mixes just the right amount of dark and light to make it look nice.

I had an appointment with Lanna on Saturday. I was more than ready for a fresh cut and color. For awhile I have let my hair grow, but it seemed to have reached it's natural length and didn't seem to be getting longer. Also, it was pretty frizzy and brassy. I decided to go ahead and cut it pretty short.

I am really happy with both the cut and the color! Remember the last time I wrote about being "put together"? Just having the hair done really helps me feel a little more put together. When Lanna styles my hair after a cut, she usually does it in a way that she knows will be hard for me to do because I don't have good skills with a round brush. She made my hair all soft and voluminous. I liked it a lot. When left to my own styling, I tend to keep it more natural and wear it curly.

Another bonus - it's quick to wash and it dries really fast!

Ahhh...the simple things :)


I have been reading! Please check out the 2016 Reading List page to see the books I have finished this year.

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