Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#1605 all TV all day long

I stayed home from work today. I woke up with a crushing headache, the sniffles, a sore throat with a hacking cough and body aches. I probably could have medicated and gone to work, but the thought of sitting at my desk feeling like crap just didn't sound like the right thing to do. So I slept in and took it easy all day.

This afternoon I decided to take advantage of having the TV all to myself and I binge watched the TV show Gilmore Girls. My sister has watched the show and really liked it and I usually like what she likes, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I liked it! There are some quirky characters, some characters that I don't like very much and some that I thought I would be friends with. I got through five episodes.

I could have watched more, but I decided I would also try out American Horror Story. I've been intrigued by the show, but never seen any episodes. I watched the very first episode of the first season. It was weird and creepy and unsettling.

After just one episode of AHS, I decided to watch Pride and Prejudice. I really love that movie. It was just what I wanted today.

I have also spent time watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Yes, I have spent serious time on my couch today. No sweating today. :/

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