Sunday, February 14, 2016

#1604 a stay-at-home day

Today I have been a total homebody. I haven't left the house at all. I did go outside to take out the garbage, but I haven't left the property. I wasn't feeling my best. I've had the sniffles and a frog in my throat all day. I had a dream last night that a quail flew out at me and it woke me up (I know it's dumb!) then I was coughing really hard so I took some cough syrup which knocked me out and made me groggy this morning.

I made good use of my time, though. I made croquetas for dinner. They are kind of labor intensive, so it's a weekend meal anyway. I paid all our bills and got our rental information gathered and organized for our appointment with the tax accountant this week. I did a little house cleaning here and there. The best part of the day was the Humphrey Bogart double feature we watched on TCM this evening. We started with the original Sabrina and then Casablanca. Good Valentine's Day movies!

Tomorrow is President's Day. T doesn't have school. I have to work. At my company, we take July 24 (Pioneer Day here in Utah) instead of President's Day. I don't mind. I'd rather have a day off in July than in February.

Last thing...I'm ready for spring!

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