Monday, February 22, 2016

#1608 old movie double feature

I have to tell you about the epic double feature I watched yesterday. I was such a couch potato, I'm almost embarrassed to talk about it!

Yesterday was Sunday, and I slept in a little, then laid in bed a lot. I played with my phone and read until about 10AM. That's when I pulled on some comfy clothes and wandered downstairs. I had some loose plans for the day, but got sidetracked by my giant TV. I turned it on and started flipping through the channels. I stopped at Turner Classic Movies (TCM), which was showing the Barbra Streisand movie Funny Girl. I hadn't seen it before, and I had only missed maybe half an hour, so I thought I'd watch a little of it. Turns out I was kind of enchanted by the actor who was playing Nick Arnstein. He was so handsome! A nice smile, good hair, sparkly brown eyes, a strong square chin...who was this man? I clicked on my IMDB app to find out that it was Omar Sharif! He was adorable!

And Barbra...well, of course she is like buttah.

Needless to say, I watched the whole movie. I liked it.

TCM is doing this 31 Days of Oscar programming and part of the schtick is that they have links in between the movies. For example, last weekend I watched Sabrina with Humphrey Bogart which led to Casablanca, also with Bogart.

The movie after Funny Girl was linked by Omar Sharif, and the film was Dr. Zhivago. It's running time was from 12:30 - 4:00. I wasn't sure I really wanted to invest all those hours, but I was won over once again by Omar Sharif. And Julie Christie. And Geraldine Chaplin (did you know she was Charlie Chaplin's daughter?)

I had never seen Dr. Zhivago. MT sat down and watched it with me. Our attention wandered every now and then (our beloved iPhones are distracting!) and we were kind of confused for about an hour, but I got into it and thought it was good even though I wasn't impressed that Dr. Zhivago was a cheating bastard.

Seriously, though, Omar Sharif was damn handsome! I'll probably have to watch Lawrence of Arabia sometime.

After hours of watching movies and sitting on my bum, I had to do something else. I laid down on my bed - horizontal! - and finished a book.

My TV viewing wasn't done. I watched at least one episode of Gilmore Girls and later I watched the end of the Jazz game. Like I said, I'm kind of embarrassed by my lethargy. I did do a couple of loads of laundry during the day and I made dinner for my family, but there was definitely no exercise. In fact, I only managed to take just over 2,000 steps according to my Fitbit.

In my defense, though, on Saturday I walked to and from WW which is close to four miles. That still doesn't excuse my laziness on Sunday. 

I have developed a crush on Gilmore Girls, but I'll get into that another time.


I finished this book! Check out the 2016 Reading List page.

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Kteach said...

I knew about Geraldine Chaplin being Charles Chapli's daughter. She lived for many years in Spain with Carlos Saura who is a Spanish director and she made many movies with him.