Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#1619 travel Tuesday: San Antonio

This morning when I was looking at Twitter, one of the trending topics was #travelTuesday. I didn't pay much attention to the tweets, but it did get me thinking about travel and vacation. I didn't know how those thoughts would come into play until I got to work and started talking to my friend Nancy.

Nancy and her husband Tom got home last night after spending six days in San Antonio, TX.  I don't know much about San Antonio other than it is the home of the NBA team the Spurs and also the Alamo. Going there  has never crossed my mind, but I was intrigued about the city and the surrounding area after talking to Nancy.

If there is one word I would use to describe Nancy, I might use the word "cowgirl" To me, she is a quintessential western woman. She owns horses and dogs. She wears jeans and boots and vests and turquoise jewelry. She and her husband have a giant Ford truck that they use to pull their giant horse trailer. She mucks out stalls and takes care of her animals. She loves old west stuff. She and Tom go listen to cowboy poetry. Last year they went on vacation of Albuquerque, NM and explored the old parts of town and looked at Native American arts and crafts and reveled in the spirit of the old west. San Antonio seems like the perfect place for her to spend a few days.

Nancy said that her hotel was centrally located so they could easily walk downtown to the River Walk and to the Alamo. They were in the city during the last part of the anniversary of the 13 day Siege of the Alamo. She said there were a lot of people dressed in period costumes and that the crowds were very large. She and Tom learned a lot about the history of the attack on the Alamo and that they really enjoyed it.

They also spent quite a bit of time walking through the old parts of the city and along the River Walk. I don't know much about it, but apparently it's a cool part of town along the San Antonio River that is lined with shops and restaurants. Nancy said they had some really delicious Mexican food there one day and some great barbecue another day. I was checking out the website and some photos online and it looks like a fun place.

I learned that there is an old German settlement near San Antonio called Fredricksburg. Nancy and Tom spent a day there wandering around and talking to people. Fredricksburg is the home town of Admiral Chester Nimitz, of WWII fame.

Nancy told me about looking at cathedrals and missions and vineyards. She talked about having cocktails in old bars and chatting with locals. It was clear that she had a great time on her trip.

I really like to talk to people about the places they go. There are so many cool things to see in the world! I may not ever get to San Antonio, Texas, but I loved hearing a little bit about it from someone who truly enjoyed their experience.

Man! I didn't intend to spend this whole post talking about Nancy's trip, but I did :)  Kinda makes me want to go exploring!

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