Monday, March 14, 2016

#1625 simple pleasure Monday: Plant Nanny

My simple pleasure this week is the app Plant Nanny. I learned about it a couple of weeks ago in WW, and I downloaded it to my beloved iPhone last week. The purpose of the app is to remind and encourage you to drink more water. It accomplishes its purpose by giving you a cartoon plant to water. When you drink water, you record it on the app and the plant gets all perky and gets new leaves. When you don't drink your water, the plant wilts and looks sad.

I found out about the sad wilty plant this morning. I did not drink nearly enough water over the weekend and my plant actually was kind of grey and had x's where the eyes are. A message box popped up that said something like:

Your plant will be dead by tomorrow if you don't drink your water!

YIKES! I feel very tender-hearted toward my cartoon devil's ivy plant, so today I drank all 130 ounces that the app recommends for me. Tonight my plant is green again and it has eyes, but he's still pretty droopy. I think I can get him back to strength tomorrow.

Yes, it's a silly little thing, but it's fun and harmless and doesn't take any extra time. You just have to remember to record the water on the app.


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