Sunday, March 13, 2016

#1624 fixer upper: the kitchen is coming together

MT is really getting into the groove at the fixer upper. I can tell he sees that the end is in sight and he is very motivated to finish the place up and either get it rented or on the market to sell. This week he has been focusing on plumbing and getting the kitchen done.

For the plumbing, he has installed the sinks and shower heads in the bathrooms and got the water running. The toilet in the main bathroom already worked, and now he has the toilet in the master bath installed and working as well. I have to tell you that when MT first started doing construction, he wasn't very good at plumbing. It was the one thing that would make him swear and stomp around and generally make him a little crazy. He would have to make so many trips to Lowes or Home Depot to get parts when he did plumbing projects, it was a toss-up where he spent more time: at the store or at working on the plumbing. He has become very good at plumbing over the years. I could tell he was darn proud of getting the water running in the bathrooms.

water in the main bathroom!

shower works!

water in the master bath

The kitchen looks great! Last week MT had built the counter-tops. This week he put on the Formica, installed the dishwasher and the sink and put in the backsplash.

dishwasher, kitchen sink and backsplash

kitchen is coming together

range hood is installed and electrical hooked up
MT says that he has a few more weeks of work on the inside of the house. He'll have to do touch-up painting everywhere and is considering just putting another coat of paint on throughout the house. The bedrooms are just about ready for carpet. There is a lot of finish carpentry to be done. I think we'll go through the house in the next couple of weeks to make another list of things that need to be done and list things that still have to be purchased for the inside of the house.

Then it will be time to work on the outside. The place doesn't have a lot of curb appeal at the moment. MT is going to put up some siding and put in some sod, I think. I'll show you some pictures of the outside as he begins working out there.

It's pretty exciting to see it all coming together!

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