Monday, May 9, 2016

#1665 simple pleasure Monday: a magical moment

My simple pleasure tonight actually happened on Thursday. I was walking around RBG, taking photos of plants and the scenery. There was a bride there with her photographers. As you can imagine, the Garden is a popular place for bridal photos. I was staying out of their way, but our paths kept crossing, so I saw several of the locations where she was having her photos taken and her poses.

At one point, her groom-to-be was carrying her down a path, probably so her dress wouldn't drag. It was pretty sweet.

The last place I saw them was by the pond. The sun was starting to set, but it was cloudy that evening, so there weren't a lot of shadows. There was also a breeze that would pick up every once in awhile.

Picture this:

I'm on the path walking up the hill. The couple is on the grass in front of the pond. Their photographers are just below me. I turn around at just the right moment to see the bride's long veil kick back perfectly into the breeze as the groom bent her gently into a kiss. Me and the two photographers both gasped. It was gorgeous.

My photo is just after the perfect moment. I wasn't fast enough because I was busy staring, but it's still fun.

Imagine that the veil is not touching the ground at all, but sweeping gracefully in the breeze. Magic. The photographer with the red backpack on turned around just after this picture, and I could see that she was dazzled too. We both said, at the same time, "Holy cow. That was amazing!"

I'm not really into wedding stuff and mushiness, but my crusty ol' heart went pitter-pat, and I even believe tears welled up in my eyes a little as I walked away.

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