Saturday, July 16, 2016

#1716 unwelcome visitor

One of my volunteer assignments at Red Butte Garden is that I am a docent in the Courtyard Garden on Saturday afternoons for a couple of hours. Today I had a double shift because I was covering for the morning docent. Four hours is a long time, but there are worse places to spend four hours :) I had my book, a chair in the shade and nice people to chat with throughout the day.

There was one or maybe two unwelcome visitors in the courtyard today: snakes. I haven't seen snakes in the courtyard before and it didn't please me. I want to say it was the same snake that made two appearances. It was a gopher snake which isn't venomous, but is still a snake.

The first time it showed up right by the door of the visitor center. The tram driver saw it and asked me to let the front desk know so they could call a gardener. There are three sets of doors into the visitor center, so I didn't have to go in the door by the snake. I saw it though. It was pretty long, probably three feet or so. Eww.

The gardener came over to the courtyard and found the snake, but it was elusive and she wasn't able to capture it. She told me that if I saw it again to let her know. She said they usually don't move the gopher snakes but since it was in the courtyard area, she would take it away to the natural area if I saw it again.

A couple of hours later, some ladies were looking at one of the beautiful planters that are sitting on the tile wall around the garden and they both made a noise and jumped back away from the wall. I looked up when they made the noise and I saw the snake right under the planter. I told them that I would tell the front desk to call the gardener.

The same gardener came back, but she brought a couple of other gardeners with her. The snake tried to get away, but this time, between the three of them, they were able to capture the snake. I should have taken a photo of them putting the snake into the can, but I didn't. I didn't even occur to me until it was over because, well, I was watching and my heart was beating a little quicker than usual.

It was very warm at the garden today. There were very few clouds and the breeze was practically non-existent. After my shift, I took a quick stroll around the garden but it was too hot to linger. All the colors looked pretty flat in the bright sunshine. The hot air was quite fragrant, though.

Being out in the heat took a toll on me and when I got home, I took a cool shower then fell asleep on my bed in front of the fan. I needed that!

I don't think I'm going to get my 8,000 steps today, though. Last night I did an extra long Zumba class and my left knee feels a little sore from all that dancing. Well, I have 500 steps to go. Maybe I'll walk up to the mailbox and back. That should get me the steps I need. I'll let you know tomorrow.

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