Monday, July 18, 2016

#1718 simple pleasure Monday: air conditioning

I was wracking my brain about what to write tonight. Was there something that made my life more enjoyable, gave me some bit of pleasure? I couldn't think of anything from work, even though the day went fine. I exchanged texts with my mom and my sister and my BFF and that's always fun. I got to read a little during my lunch break, which is also enjoyable. Those things are great and my day was more pleasurable because of them, but there was one thing that beats even texting with loved ones and reading:

Air conditioning.

In particular, finding that exact perfect spot under the vent in my spinning class. Now I remember why I always chose that spot in the early cycling days. Not only is it in a prime position to get air from the fan, but the A/C blows right down on me too. I get hot and sweaty when I exercise. It's not pretty. Even with the air and the fan, I still get very sweaty. I don't glow; I do, in fact, sweat.

Having the A/C vent above me and a fan behind me is pretty great. A true simple pleasure!


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Ambrose said...

I got cool just reading about your experience in spinning class! Getting the AC right can be so hard. Good thing there are WiFi and programmable thermostats now to make it easier to save energy and have a comfortable home. Did you know that there are even thermostats that can learn your preferences for cooling and adjust the AC accordingly?