Sunday, September 4, 2016

#1747 chillin' on Sunday

Yesterday I was full of energy and purpose. Today I am a lazy bag of trash.

Yesterday I was buoyed with enthusiasm and vigor. Today I just want to sit on the couch and stare at the TV.

Yesterday I worked my tail off. I threw lots of stuff away and organized my closet and my dresser and felt so good about everything. Today I needed to step back and take a break. I did clean my bathroom, which is always cathartic, isn't it? I scrubbed, I threw out old stuff. I even cleaned the drawers. Who knew so much hair accumulated in the drawers? The smallest room in my house smells good and is clean. I feel good about it.

There were so many things on my to-do list today, but I have only accomplished a couple of things. I was planning to spend some time outside, but I couldn't get myself out the door. Thank goodness there is another day to take full advantage of! I love three day weekends! I think there should be a three day weekend every month. Wouldn't that be great?

Just to be clear, my excitement over the KonMari method hasn't diminished. I fully intend to continue the process, but even she says that the process of tidying up usually takes around six months. The next category is books. That's gonna be a tough one. We have tons of books. Again, I'm not going to worry about any of MT's books. I know there are some books that I have that I will be fine with giving away, though, and it will make a difference.

This evening I am watching the Notre Dame/Texas football game and looking at recipes on Pinterest. The weather today was markedly cooler than yesterday and with college football on, it feels like fall. I've been looking at soup and other comfort food recipes. I'm pretty sure I'll be making meatballs and mashed potatoes tomorrow. :)

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend! Talk to you tomorrow...

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