Monday, October 10, 2016

#1777 Maroon 5 in SLC

Sorry I didn't write on Saturday. My BFF LA came to town so we could go see Maroon 5 in concert!

We got these tickets months ago. I wasn't very excited for the show because I thought the tickets were overpriced plus I think Adam Levine is kind of overexposed (which also happens to be the name of one of their CDs). As the concert day got closer, I was really not excited about the show. My outlook on things hasn't been great lately and I just wasn't all that interested in seeing this pop band.

I was looking forward to hanging out with my friend and having a good talk with her and we already had the tickets, so what the hey.

Our tickets were in the suite of the company I work for. We got there early and claimed our seats, then wandered around so LA could get a t-shirt and we could get some food. There were two opening acts: a band called Phases that I didn't care for at all, and Swedish sensation Tove Lo who I did like very much.

Finally it was time for Maroon 5 to play and it turns out they put on a dang good show! All they have is hits and they played lots of them. It was a giant sing-along with happy dancing. The band sounded great and Adam is great. He's very energetic. He didn't talk much, but he sure sang his face off for a good couple of hours.

I'm glad I went to the show. It was a good concert and it was really fun going to the show with my friend! Live music is generally always pretty great. :)

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