Friday, October 14, 2016

#1778 a week of Sportstober

Oops! Missed writing on Wednesday the 12th because T and I had the chance to go see our beloved Utah Jazz play! It was a preseason game, so it was an opportunity to see some new players and see how the team is shaping up for the season. It was a tale of two halves: in the first half, the Jazz dominated and had a huge lead at halftime. In the second half, some of the players were guys who were trying to earn a spot on the team and the level of play was far below the level of play in the first half. The Jazz ended up losing the game by one measly point.

Oh well. Tough loss, but it was awesome to be back in the arena watching a game! I love NBA basketball!

Mostly this week I have been watching sports. The baseball playoffs are on. The National League Divisional Series between the Chicago Cubs and the San Francisco Giants was riveting for me. I like both of those teams and I was genuinely sorry that one of them had to lose. In the end, the Cubs prevailed. In my heart of hearts, I was glad the Cubs won. I would love to see their World Series drought end after 108 years. I hope they win it all. I was sad for the Giants though. They are fun to watch.

Last night I watched Game 5 of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationals NLDS series. Game 5 in the Divisional Series round is a win or go home game. I was rooting for the Nationals - I'm not a big Dodger fan, but the Dodgers did win, so they will play the Cubs in the National League Championship Series. It starts tomorrow.

The other side of the baseball equation is the American League. I've always been a National League girl, but I know what's going on in the AL. Tonight is game 1 of the ALCS. The Toronto Blue Jays are playing the Cleveland Indians. I'm hoping the Indians will win and go to the World Series. I think a Cubs - Indians World Series would be great. Neither team has won the Championship in decades. I think it's been 68 years for the Indians and 108 for the Cubs. 108 years! Can you believe that?

Baseball is great! I love playoff baseball!

Tomorrow I'll be watching the Utah Utes play football in the afternoon. The game is in Corvallis, Oregon and the weather forecast is horrendous. It will be pouring rain and strong winds. Local sports people are not predicting a sell-out crowd there. I'll be happy to sit on my comfy couch to watch.

Football is fantastic! I love Utah football!

Yay Sportstober!

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