Tuesday, November 1, 2016

#1783 a good start

Happy November everyone! I mostly took last week off from writing because I couldn't convince myself to take the time to write. I think I'm ready to write every day this month though. Happy NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month, of course.)

I have a couple of posts already in mind, one that includes some fresh autumn photos of Red Butte Garden, but I'll save that one so I can tell you a happy story.

My son T has been talking about going to the Mac Miller concert, but he hadn't purchased a ticket because he was low on funds and to his credit, he didn't ask me to buy the ticket for him. Last night as I was driving home, I was listening to the radio, flipping through the stations listening for a song I could sing along with when I got to one of our local rap stations. The DJ said he was giving away meet and greet passes for Mac Miller. I thought I would listen and try to win. Several songs were played and then the DJ talked to someone who won because they heard a Mac Miller song and called in. Problem for me: I don't know Mac's music.

About that time I pulled into my driveway and formulated my plan. I shouted hello to my husband and ran upstairs to my room. (T was at work, so he couldn't listen to the radio and try to win.) I fired up Twitter and started tweeting at the radio station. I tweeted things like:

Hey U92, how about hooking me up with a meet and greet pass for Mac Miller?

The station tweeted back at me that there would be six chances to win in the 7:00 hour.  To which I tweeted:

I'm listening but I don't know Mac's music. I want to win to earn major "Mom Points"

They liked my tweets, but didn't offer anything up. Until I heard the DJ say that it was time to call in for Mac Miller meet and greet passes. I had the number programmed into my phone and I feverishly pushed Call. Busy. Call. Busy. Call. Busy. Call. Busy. You get the idea. That all happened 16 times. On the 17th time, the phone rang. And rang. And rang.

By this time, MT had made his way up the stairs to see what I was doing. That was when U92 answered the phone. The DJ asked me if I wanted Mac Miller meet and greet passes. I kind of squealed and acted the fool, but I got the passes! I gave them T's name which they put on the list and told me the meet and greet was for T plus one. Also, he got a pair of tickets to the show!

About that time, I was feeling like pretty much the best mom in the world.

I texted T to let him know that he was going to have to miss class today so he could meet Mac Miller. He called me about a second later to verify that I wasn't messing with him. He sounded happy and shocked and amazed and grateful.

I tweeted at the radio station to say thanks. They tweeted back at me that they appreciate my listening and that my son has a great mom. Awww!

T's plus one was his BFF Trent. They went over to the radio station and met Mac Miller today. The station had a photographer there to commemorate the event and they put the photos on Facebook. Here's Trent and Mac and T:

T is the one on the right in the black sweatshirt. That smile lets me know that the effort and time I spent trying to get that pass was worth every second.

Right about now the guys should be at the venue getting ready to have lots of fun listening to live music. I hope he has a great time!

What an awesome start to the month!


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