Wednesday, November 2, 2016

#1784 extra innings in an epic game 7

Tonight is the final day of the Major League Baseball season. It's one game for the championship of baseball, Game 7 of the World Series. The two teams that are playing for the championship are the two teams in the league with the longest time between their championships. The Cleveland Indians last won the World Series in 1948. The Chicago Cubs last won the World Series in 1908.

We are now over four hours into the game which has gone into extra innings since the score was tied at the end of the regular nine innings. The Cubs just scored to take a 7-6 lead. There is one out and the bases are loaded with Cubs. The guy who is at bat is the Cubs' third catcher. He hasn't had a hit for awhile.

My heart rate is quite elevated even though I'm just sitting on the couch.

Montero gets a base hit! Another run scores for Chicago!! Bases still loaded, still one out!! Cubs are now up by two runs.

Pitching change by the Indians. Commercial break. I'm checking Twitter. I absolutely love watching sports with Twitter.  I'm following #WorldSeries and it's epic.

Ok , new pitcher for the Indians, Trevor Bauer. Jason Heyward at bat. Struck him out. There's two down, top of the tenth.

Javier Baez up for the Cubs. A mighty swing by Baez but he hits nothing. 1 ball 1 strike. Strike 2. Baez flies out to end the Cubs half of the inning.  Now it's time for the Indians to bat. All the Cubs need is three more outs to be the champions. The question is, who will pitch for the Cubs?

Commercial break. So. Many. Tweets.

Carl Edwards Jr pitching for the Cubs. Up first for the Indians is Mike Napoli. Edwards strikes out Napoli! Two outs away for the Cubs!!

(If you haven't figured it out, I'm root root rooting for the Cubbies!)

Jose Ramirez up for Cleveland. Two strikes on him. Outside pitch, tried to get him to chase it. 1-2. Ball low. 2-2. Shortstop scoops it up and throws to first. Two out! One more out is all we need!!

Brandon Guyer is up for the Indians. Ball 1. Cubs dugout looks like they are going to explode.  Ball 2. Edwards is taking some deep breaths. Outside. Ball 3. Montero the catcher is talking to Edwards, trying to calm him down. Twitter is is going crazy. Shit. Walked him. Tying run comes to the plate in the form of Rajai Davis hit a home run that tied this game. Can he do it again.

Please Baseball Gods, NO!

Here we go. Ball 1. Guyer steals second because he can. It was uncontested. Base hit for Davis, Guyer scores. One run game. Bye-bye Carl Edwards Jr. Pitching change for the Cubs.

Let's recap. The score is 8-7 Cubs. There are two outs and a runner on first. A home run wins the game for the Indians. One little out wins the game for the Cubs.

Let's go to commercial so we can obsess about all of this on Twitter.

Mike Montgomery pitching. Martinez up for the Indians!

OH MY GOD! Ground ball to Kris Bryant. Throw to first - game over!!

CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!  I'm screaming and tearing up while I watch the Bubs fans on TV crying and celebrating. History! The longest championship drought in history is over. It's awesome.

Here's something...the Cubs had to win four games in a row to win the championship. They were down 3-1 and had to close it out on the road in Cleveland. Everything about this game 7 was just epic and fantastic. For baseball fans, this was the ultimate.

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