Thursday, November 3, 2016

#1785 I'm too old for this

I have been tired and run-down all day and I blame baseball. The game last night was so good and so exciting that it took me a little while to calm myself down and stop looking at Twitter and get to bed. Even after I got to bed, I was antsy and restless. I'm sure I got up at least three times during the night and I woke up well before my alarm even thought about waking me up.

To fight off the blahs I was feeling tonight, I went to a Zumba class at the gym. As usual it was really fun. The Thursday instructor, Lisa, knows a lot of routines and always has fun music. Also as usual, when it was over, my left (unrepaired) knee hurt like the dickens. I gobbled down several Ibuprofen, took a hot shower and now have a type of compression sleeve on it. The sleeve makes my knee feel safe and happy. The knee still hurts, but it feels warm and cozy.

Now that I feel all relaxed and smell nice after the shower, I'm going to crawl right into bed. I am diffusing an essential oil blend called GoodNite. It smells great and is supposed to calm the senses to promote good rest/sleep. I'm not sure I have total buy-in to the oil mysticism, but it does smell good and it can't hurt.

I'll try to be more interesting tomorrow!

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