Friday, November 4, 2016

#1786 foodie Friday: beefy tomato soup

I have kind of a standing goal to try a new recipe each week and sometimes I'm better at achieving the goal than others. This week I succeeded though! The weather here has definitely turned cooler. It's downright chilly in the morning and only warms up a little bit during the day. It's funny how in the spring, after a long cold winter, 61 degrees feels like it's time for shorts and flip flops.  And now, in the fall, after a long, hot, dry summer, 61 degrees feels like sweater weather.

My point is that it's much more chilly than it has been and it feels like I should be eating soup. Naturally, I turned to the interwebs favorite bulletin board, Pinterest, and searched for soup recipes. Nearly a jillion recipes popped up. I chose my soup based on this photo alone:

Hello beefy tomato soup, you hearty and delicious-looking bowl of yum.

The recipe came from a blog called Mantitlement, so it had to be great, right? And it is great! It's very easy to make with common ingredients that you might even have in your house right now. It's kind of unusual though in that the recipe calls for a jar of pasta sauce and four ounces of cream cheese. I liked using the pasta sauce as the base because it's already seasoned so you are going to get really good flavor even if you don't put in gobs of seasonings on your own. The cream cheese makes the soup creamy and rich and filling. So good! MT really liked it, too.

If you are looking for a nice easy soup to make on a cool fall day, I totally recommend that you try this beefy tomato soup.

Happy Friday!

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