Saturday, November 5, 2016

#1787 autumn at Red Butte Garden

It's been awhile since I showed you any photos from Red Butte Garden. As you can imagine, the place looks completely different in the autumn. The leaves on the trees are either changing color or have already fallen off. Many of the plants have already been trimmed back by the gardeners. Some of the areas are so completely different than during the summer! There are still some flowers blooming - I was surprised to see so many roses.

I went for a walk there last Sunday and today, and here are some photos that I took on those walks. The ones with the bright blue sky are today's photos. The grey skies are last Sunday. As always, to see more detail in the pics, click on the image.

crab apple trees in the Children's Garden

Rose Garden. I like the pink roses and the white quaking aspen in the back.

the path near the Rose Garden. I like the colors and the textures.

these yellow roses!

So many colors and textures!

I'm totally crazy about this waterfall. And how about those colors!

Longer view of the beloved waterfall.

The pond with some lanterns hanging from the pavilion.

I didn't know the wisteria would turn gold like that

Red Butte Creek tumbles down the hill
 I've got to write a little about Garden After Dark sometime. I'll get to that tomorrow, so come back!

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