Saturday, November 12, 2016

#1794 three more seizures

Another three seizure day for my sweet little Osi dog. It seems like it has been happening more frequently and in clusters. I wonder if the seizures coincide with the full moon. That would be a strange coincidence, wouldn't it?

The seizures are so hard to watch. The last one tonight happened while she was outside laying on the deck. I was sitting inside, watching TV, then I heard a noise from outside and I knew what was happening. I quickly went out with her. I keep a calm hand on her and make sure she doesn't bonk her head on something and hopefully to keep her tongue toward the front of her mouth.

After she was done with the actual seizure tonight, she was quite still but she was making such a sad moaning sound. She doesn't vocalize like that very often but when she does, it is just heartbreaking. She finally settled down, then tried to get her legs under her so she could walk around. It's almost like she has a hard time seeing and has very little control of her legs. She stumbles around and runs into corners and cabinets and her legs just give out from under her and she finds herself sprawled on the floor. It's such a sad thing.

This afternoon after the second seizure, I went outside with her. I figured she would be more safe out on the grass. As I watched her wander around, limping a little and narrowing missing contact with the grill, I thought about her quality of life. She is on so much medication that clearly is not having the desired effect of keeping her seizure-free. She hates to go out for walks. When I take her out, she tucks her tail between her legs and looks scared and uncertain. After even a short walk, she seems so tired out and so relieved to be home.

What do I do? I feel so sad for her. I hate that she suffers from these seizures and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do for her. ...sigh...

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