Sunday, November 13, 2016

#1795 not quite like I'd planned

Today did not go according to my plan. At. All.

Yesterday I wrote that Osi was having seizures. The seizures kept happening during the night, and by 8:00 this morning, we knew she had had at least six or seven seizures that we knew of in 24 hours. That fact worried us enough to take her to the emergency care vet that works with our regular vet. The bad news is that we were there for well over two hours. The good news is that although Osi was nervous, she did not seize during that time and (knock on wood) hasn't seized since. The vet I spoke to recommended increasing the dosage of one of Osi's meds. I feel comfortable with that, so we'll try it. It seems like a good easy solution.

I mentioned in yesterday's post about the full moon. As it turns out, Osi's last set of cluster seizures was on October 15 and the moon phase was exactly what it was last night - waxing moon about 96% full.

Between Osi's seizures and my chronic horrible knee pain, I didn't get much sleep last night. Around 6:00 tonight I was yawning and seriously considering going to bed. Instead, I fired up my computer and started exploring New Orleans. Lizzie sent me a preliminary itinerary, but from reading my recently purchased guide book, I realized that some of the things she had listed for us to do each day were in different neighborhoods and might not be the best use of our time. So armed with my guidebook, the internet and the list of things we want to do, I set out to make my own day-by-day plan. I kind of petered out by Sunday. I'm pretty sure I sure that I stuffed too many things into Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so Sunday will be a good day to regroup and see what we didn't have time to do maybe. Also, I haven't even sent the proposed plan to Lizzie, so she might not be down with it at all! My philosophy, though, was to visit a different neighborhood or two each day. We might not get out of the city to explore a plantation or see the bayou, but there is a lot of cool stuff to see in NOLA itself. The restaurants alone were hard to narrow down. We only eat three meals a day and there are literally dozens of places that I thought sounded pretty amazing.

And now it is 11:00. I haven't even taken out my contacts yet. Today's to-do list is woefully short of checked off items. I'm gonna really have to get after it Monday and Tuesday night so I can be ready for Lizzie's arrival on Wednesday afternoon. Our flight to New Orleans leaves at 7:00 on Thursday morning, so there will be no time for messing around! I'm getting excited though!

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