Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#1837 WW Wednesday: spring challenge

Several times a year, Weight Watchers gives the members a challenge. For the next six weeks, we have the Spring into Spring challenge. If you attend four of the six meetings, you get a little charm to put on your key ring or bracelet or whatever method you choose for keeping the charms. Each week there is a suggestion to help us spring into action.

The Week 1 challenge was to visit a garden center. I did one better than just going to Lowe's and wandering through the garden center. I went to a garden - Red Butte Garden.  As I mentioned in Saturday's post,  RBG was awesome as always and I was so glad to get up there and wander around. I may go again this weekend because the weather on Saturday is supposed to be fantastic.

We get a weekly mini magazine at the meetings that includes some good advice and a recipe and some ideas for ways to accomplish the weekly suggestions. On our weekly this week, our fill-in for the quasi-permanent fill-in leader, Sandy, gave us cute sticky notes on which we wrote how we were going to Spring into Spring this week. I wrote down

Go to Red Butte Garden
Walk on the track at work

I put the sticky note on my computer at work to help me remember to go walk!

As I mentioned, this is my first full-time week back at work. I've been okay so far, I think. At lunchtime on Monday and Tuesday, I did walk around the track four times in a row which equals one mile. It was definitely the most steps I've had since January! It was wonderful to get out for a walk in the sunshine. I didn't do it today because I was pretty tired, I had PT this afternoon, and I had errands to run I'll get back out there tomorrow.

Are you wondering about my weigh-in results? I'm a yo-yo. The .4 lbs that I lost on the first week, that came back in the second week, were gone again in this third week. I need to weigh myself tomorrow to see if they have come back in these past four days. I still have time to get rid of them (if they have come back) before Saturday. I would very much like to end this first four week period with a loss!

I mentioned I had PT this afternoon. I got one more degree today, so along with the two degrees I gained Monday, that is three for the week and gets me to 113 degrees. Getting closer to the goal (120 - 125 degrees) and I feel good about it!

Here are a couple of photos that I took at Red Butte Garden on Saturday. Happy spring!

I like the colors of the branches of the different trees. 

AWWW...the various purple spring flowers on the side of the hill are sweet.

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