Thursday, March 16, 2017

#1838 throwback Thursday: March Madness in SLC

It's been four years since the NCAA men's basketball tournament was held in Salt Lake City, in March 2013. Going to the the first two rounds here was so much fun! I bought myself tickets to all three sessions through work, so I sat up in the suite. I wasn't sure if I would like it, I remember, because I don't follow college basketball through the regular season and I wasn't sure if I would "get into" the games. It turned out that wasn't any kind of problem. The bands come with their teams, and fans from the town and parents of players and it makes for an amazing atmosphere. When a higher-seeded team gets upset or when you see a very talented player making his mark on the court, it is exciting.

The tourney is back in SLC for rounds one and two. I thought about trying to get tickets, but I am a little low on funds, so I'm listened to the radio broadcast of some different games during the day and I've been watching some of the games on TV tonight. This first weekend of the tournament is my favorite because there are so many games and therefore so many chances for upsets to happen. There have already been a few today. I haven't checked my bracket yet. I know a couple of teams I picked have lost. It's all fun!

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