Thursday, April 20, 2017

#1855 99 days

I had my last physical therapy session today. Lovely Paul has declared that my knee is as bendy as he can make it. He has determined that he has given me the tools to continue working on my hip strength. Hip strength you say? Yes, it seems like the muscles from the bum guide the knee, so most of the time was spent working on hip strengthening and flexibility. I can really feel it in my balance on the left leg.

For my final bend this morning, Lovely Paul pushed me to 127 degrees. 125 was the goal so it was cool to get a couple extra degrees. I'm not gonna lie to you...I'm still sore this evening from that extra push.

As I was getting my parting gift (a t-shirt and a water bottle!) I learned that Lovely Paul was leaving the clinic next week to move back to Boise. I am so glad I got done with my PT before he left! I wouldn't have been too excited to have a different doc working with me after all this time unless it was Lance, but he seemed busy all the time.

Are you wondering if I told him I call him Lovely Paul? I did. He laughed. He is lovely. He has a wonderful personality, he is a terrific physical therapist and he talks really lovingly about his wife. He is super easy to talk to, even when he is torturing you just a little bit.

I know you're curious. Check out his work profile here.

My surgery was January 12. Today was my final day of physical therapy, April 20. That's 99 days from surgery to the end of rehab. It's been an adventure!

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Kteach said...

He's a cutie and yes I was curious :)
Good job Sandy! :)