Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#1854 travel Tuesday: envy

I'm feeling extra jealous today because not one but two of my friends from work are going on vacation this week! In fact, they both leave on Thursday, but they are going opposite directions.

Kelsie and her family are heading to Kauai for 10 days. I haven't been to Kauai, but I have heard that it is beautiful, very natural. A couple of my travel agent friends spent some time there courtesy of the Kauai Travel Bureau where they were given extensive tours of the island and got a lot of knowledge about the place. I think it's known as the Garden Island.

I was looking at some photos of Kauai. It does look stunning.

I'm sure that Kelsie and her family will have an amazing time. She has two little boys that are already pretty well traveled for little fellas. Kelsie says she is loading iPads with movies and packing snacks for the long flight. It is a long flight, but it will be worth it for a little time in paradise.

Another friend, Justin, and his wife are heading to Puerto Rico for a long weekend. Kate works for Jet Blue and gets deals on flights. (How many times have I thought about working part-time for an airline to get those kinds of benefits? Many times. I haven't ruled it out, either.) Jet Blue flies to San Juan, PR, so Justin and Kate decided to go there. Kate has a friend who goes to Puerto Rico fairly often and told them they should go.

They are going to Rincon. I just looked at some photos of the beach there and yes, it looks great.

Rincon is a surfing town. I wonder if Justin will give it a try? Or maybe Kate will!

Beach vacations are great! Last year MT and I went on a cruise and we didn't get a lot of beach time. The most time we had on the beach was in Jamaica: we sat at a bar on the beach and drank Red Stripes.

I wish both of my friends happy vacation. Wish I was going with you!


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