Monday, May 1, 2017

#1861 simple pleasure Monday: a new month

Today I celebrate the most simple of simple pleasures and one that repeats itself twelve times a year: the beginning of a new month. I like how when I change the calendar I get a new picture to look at. I like that in my planner, some days already have events planned, but many others are open for cool stuff that may come up. I like to set myself up with a list of things to accomplish in the new month. I like to turn to a fresh page in my journal and start writing.


I'm a kind of a nerd about this, aren't I?

But I did smile at every calendar that I turned to May. I looked at my empty task list in my planner and started jotting things down. And I sighed in satisfaction when I started a new page in my journal.

I'm a simple girl.

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