Sunday, April 30, 2017

#1860 three things: Jazz, goals, and looking forward

I've got three things on my mind tonight!

1. Jazz win! I wrote on Friday that I was watching Game 6 of the Utah Jazz/LA Clippers playoff game. Sadly, the Jazz lost on Friday night, which meant that the series came down to Game 7 today in Los Angeles. MT predicted that the Jazz would lose on Friday and win on Sunday. I thought if the Jazz lost on Friday they would lose in LA. For once, I am happy that MT was right! :) The Jazz did in fact win this afternoon, eliminating the Clippers and moving on to the Western Conference semifinals against the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors are a far better team than the Clippers and the Jazz honestly. They have been to the Finals two years in row, winning it all the first time and losing to the Cavaliers last year. They are GOOD. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are amazing and they have a bunch of other guys like Klay Thompson and Draymond Green who are damn good too. It's gonna be a hard series for the Jazz, but I'll be watching and cheering for them every game. Series starts on Tuesday.

2. I have a goal! Back a few years ago when I was thinner, I had a pair of Levis jeans that I really liked. They were my favorite pair of jeans. They were the jeans that fit just right. I liked the wash, the style, the fit; everything about them was good. When I gained weight, I didn't get rid of those jeans. I vowed I would wear them again one day. Last year I pulled them out of storage and hung them on a hanger and told myself I would wear them on my 50th birthday. That did not happen. However, I think there is a real possibility that I may be able to wear them on my 51st birthday! I tried them on the other day. I could get them on and buttoned and zipped, but I don't think the seams would be able to withstand a lot of sitting and standing up. They were TIGHT, but I could see myself in them in the not too distant future.

My birthday is a month away, five weigh-ins away. In addition to the goal of wearing those size 14 Levis, I also have set a goal to be in "Onederland" - out of the 200s on the scale. I don't care if it's 199.9 on June 3. That will be success. I need to average just under two lbs lost/week which is a tall order, but I think if I stick to the WW plan, drink my water and exercise, it's doable. The most important thing will be to watch what I eat. That might get a little tricky with a trip to Savannah, GA coming up next month. I know I'll be walking a lot during that time at least. Wish me luck!

3. Hello May! April seemed like such a long month to me. It's probably because I am so looking forward to the trip to Savannah with my sister Lizzie. I bet these first two weeks of May fly by, then Lizzie will be here on the 15th and we leave on the 17th. I've been reading about Savannah and thinking about things to see and do. We'll be there Thursday - Monday. I think we may drive up to Charleston, SC one day and maybe out to Tybee Island another day, then exploring Savannah the rest of the time. So excited!

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