Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#1869 travel Tuesday: Savannah, Stockton and San Diego

Maybe there is something wrong with me because I am always thinking about a get-away. Nothing permanent, just a few days here or there to get away from the every day routine. Most of this year's get-aways will be for a few days. Our week-long vacation is planned for September, but that's a long ways away! Fortunately, I've got a few little excursions planned in the meantime.

First up, a trip to Savannah with Lizzie next week. Next week! We leave a week from Thursday, taking a red-eye flight into Atlanta and then connecting to Savannah. We'll be there Thursday - Monday. I'm getting really excited! I think part of the fun is planning a little so we can do and see all the things we want. For example, we both really enjoy ghost tours and Savannah has plenty to choose from, so we've got to pick a tour. Charleston, SC is only a couple of hours away, so it would be fun to drive there, see a bit of the countryside along the way and check out  The Holy City. (That's one of Charleston's nicknames, if you didn't know. Savannah is the Hostess City.)

Although probably not quite as charming and genteel as I imagine Savannah will be, I get to go to Stockton, CA at the end of the month for work. The timing is kind of wack. I have to leave on Monday evening (Memorial Day), fly into Sacramento and drive to Stockton. The class I'm taking is from 8AM - 5PM on Tuesday. After class, I'll drive to Sacramento and stay in a hotel near the airport since there are no evening flights to SLC. My flight leaves at 6:15 AM on Wednesday. 6:15! What was I thinking?!

I am right now, right after I press Publish here, going to book a flight to San Diego in July. I haven't seen my folks since Christmas and I want to watch a baseball game from my sister's roof. San Diego is ALWAYS a good idea.

That gives me an every-other-month trip to look forward to, right? Well, at least through September anyway. I've got time to come up with something for November :)

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