Saturday, June 17, 2017

#1888 Saturday with Sandy

It's been a busy and fun day. I got up early and dropped my car off at Big O. The car needed the oil changed and the air conditioner needed to be recharged. For some reason, I have to have the AC recharged every summer. I've been putting it off, but next week is supposed to be HOT here and AC is good.

From Big O, I walked to Weight Watchers. It was about 3/4 of a mile, so an easy walk, especially because it was downhill. ;) After the meeting, I decided to stroll across the parking lot to Starbucks for breakfast. It was nice to sit there and enjoy a chai latte and a breakfast sandwich and read a book. After a little while, I walked back to Big O. My car was ready shortly after I got there. Ahhh...air conditioning!

Back at home I got ready for volunteer time at Red Butte Garden.  Before I went to RBG, I stopped by the library. I finally finished that one book and was eager to get something else. I lucked out and found the new John Grisham novel in the Lucky Day rack. The newest, hottest titles are available to borrow for seven days, no renewals. I was drawn in by the title, Camino Island. I had heard a bit of an interview with Grisham on NPR and the book sounded interesting, so I grabbed a copy. Score!

I had my regular two hour docent gig in the courtyard first. The tram driver I usually work with is on vacation in Hawaii, so a man called Michael was driving in her place. I've met Michael before, and he's nice. There weren't a lot of people coming into the garden this afternoon, so Michael was reading on his iPad, and I pulled out the Grisham novel. Michael's eyes kind of popped and he asked if that was the latest novel and where I had got it. I told him I picked it up at the Magna library. He said he was on the Salt Lake City library system waiting list and he was number 50 in line.  One of the perks of living in the 'burbs, I guess. I know I was just there at the right time.

We talked to a few people, but the most fun couple was from Kent, England. I think they were on some sort of western United States tour. They were excited to see bears and bison and hopefully a rattle snake. I told them they would probably have to go to Yellowstone for the bears and bison; they said they were headed there next week. There were a few rattlesnake sightings at the garden today, but I didn't see any, thankfully.

After my docent time was done, I walked down to the Rose House gate where I hung out for a few hours. There was a memorial service at the Rose House, so my job is greeting people and directing them to the path that will get them where they need to go. I enjoy working the gate at events. The tram driver I was working with was one of the staff, Amanda. Super nice lady. The most excitement I had was a pair of quail who skittered across the sidewalk, head doodle bobbing and making that weird little clucking sound they make. They went under some rose bushes, then across the path to some other bushes. At that point one of the gardeners came over and her presence completely freaked out the quail. They flew up in the trees and clucked loudly for a long time. Strange little creatures.

On my way home I stopped at a local Mexican fast food joint for some rolled tacos and a quesadilla. It was a long time since that breakfast sandwich at Starbucks and I've walked around quite a bit today! Now my belly is full and I'm relaxing, reading the Grisham book (so good!!) and waiting for the late show of Ghost Adventures to start. New episode tonight! After that, I'll probably read until I fall asleep. I may finish this book tonight! If not tonight, probably tomorrow.

Where are the boys? MT is in Idaho at the family reunion. T is hanging out with friends. Is it awful that I'm kind of enjoying the peace and quiet and solitude?


I have read all four of these books I liked half of them. Check out the 2017 Reading page for details!

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