Friday, June 16, 2017

#1887 movie night: Beauty and the Beast

I had every intention of seeing Beauty and the Beast when it came out in theaters earlier this year, but I didn't see it. Probably one of the reasons I didn't see the movie in the theater is that my sister was very cool about this movie. We saw a preview together and I was excited but she was absolutely not excited at all. The animated movie was so wonderful, how could they make a live action movie out of it? I thought about that quite a lot and I found that I agreed with her. The "live action" will really only be Emma Watson interacting with computer-generated images, right? Maybe that would not be so cool.

Now, though, the movie is out on video and tonight MT has gone to Idaho for the family reunion, so I skibbled over to Redbox and rented the movie. Osi and I snuggled on the couch as I watched Belle fall for the Beast.

First of all, let me say that I really like Emma Watson and I was excited for her to play Belle. I wasn't sure about her singing. My verdict is that auto-tune made it all right. My favorite characters by a mile were Gaston played by Luke Evans and LeFou played by Josh Gad. The casting was spot on. Both actors are talented singers. Their big number, Gaston, was my favorite in the animated film and in this live action film as well.

Is it weird that I kind of liked Beast better as a beast than as a man?  I felt the same way with the animated Beast, too.  I also liked all the characters better as their object selves than as their people selves. I know, it's strange.

The yellow dress that Belle wears in the Tale as Old as Time dance scene is pure magic.

I thought the live action film was fine, but I'll take the animated feature any day. The animated feature was perfection. There was just no way the live action could live up to it.

But, what a guy...

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