Saturday, June 24, 2017

#1895 Utah Arts Festival

This evening MT and I went to the Utah Arts Festival. The event is held downtown in Library Square and spills over onto the grounds of the County Building. We have never been to the Festival before because the family reunion is usually held on the same weekend.

The Festival is a big deal! There are so many artists that show their creations and so many different types of art. It's humbling to look at the photography (for me). The paintings run the gamut from beautiful landscapes to quirky "out there" concepts. There was jewelry and leather and pottery.  Some of the art is so original and unique. I marvel at the artist thinking, "What if I take these old basketballs and footballs and stuff them into a rebar creation shaped like a T Rex?" or "I've got these old shovels and rakes and a bunch of scrap metal. I think I'll make a buffalo out of it." I also couldn't get over how many people were there to check it all out. The place was packed.

There was also food and drink available, and when I say drinks I mean beer and wine. Beer and wine out on the street in SLC! Of course we were confined to the UAF area, but it is very fun to walk around with a beer in your hand while you look at art.

In addition to the artists selling their creations, there were at least four or five stages where performances were happening. While we were wandering around the exhibits, there was a wonderful  jazz band playing, the Crescent Superband. I was really entertained by them as I walked around. A bit later we went over to the amphitheater stage and saw a hip hop group from Ogden that I thought was good called Grits Green. I liked their funky sound. We ended up at the Big Mouth stage to listen to some poets and we ended up staying for the poetry slam. There were four teams competing: one from Salt Lake, one from Ogden, a team from Boise and a team from Las Vegas. Since my sister is a performing poet, I admire the guts it takes to get up on a stage and speak your truth. Of course there were some poems I liked better than others, but I admire and appreciate all of the poets. I was surprised that MT wanted to stay for the whole slam, but we did and we had a really good time.

Yay Utah Arts Festival!!

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Lizzie Wann said...

I LOVE that you two went to the arts festival and had such a great time!