Sunday, June 25, 2017

#1896 three things: the 100 page rule, gym clothes and my new planner

1. The 100 page rule. I like to read and I will read just about anything but some books are more to my taste than others. Many years ago, I asked MT if he always finished a book. He said that he had a 100 page rule: if the book hadn't drawn him in by page 100, he would give up on it. I thought that was sound advice and I followed it for a long time. Lately, though, I have forgotten the 100 page rule and I suffered through a couple of books that I should have abandoned. Interestingly, while I was reading the latest John Grisham book, Camino Island, two of the characters were having the exact conversation that MT and I had. One of the characters actually had a 50 page rule and justified it like this:

"...I've never understood people who grind through a book they don't really like, determined to finish it for some unknown reason...[she] would toss a book after the first chapter, then pick it up and grumble and growl for four hundred pages until the bitter end..."

Oh my gosh! I grumbled and growled through Truly Madly Guilty and then Sweetbitter knowing I didn't like them after 100 pages, but finishing them anyway, I am heeding John Grisham and MT's advice. The 100 page rule is in effect FOREVER!

2. Gym clothes. I have purchased a four week pass to take classes at the gym and today I updated my gym clothes wardrobe. My clothes were outdated and sort of sloppy-looking and it was a bad look. Now I will have clothes more like the other ladies wear. It's more fun to have cute gym clothes! 

3. My new planner. It's the last week of June! I started using the the new adorable Erin Condren planner that Lizzie got me for my birthday. I feel like I've had the planner forever and have just been waiting for June 26 to come along so I can start using it. I have written in the future appointments and events that I know about, like my dentist appointment and haircut and vacations. This is going to sound terribly nerdy, but I even bought a couple of new pens to go with the planner. (heehee) Honestly it is such a totally simple pleasure for me. It doesn't hurt anyone and it gives me joy. There is no harm in that at all!


Check out the 2107 Reading List page for my thoughts on these two books that I read. 

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