Monday, September 10, 2012

#762 retirement preview

Today was a little bit different. MT left for work at his normal time - just before 6:00 AM, but he was back home less than half an hour later. He's been having some trouble with the car, and this morning he said that the lights would go dim and then go bright, and that the engine was idling very roughly, even while he was driving. Since he is working about 90 minutes away from home, he decided that he didn't want to get stranded in Provo, so he came home. We took the car over to the repair shop, and $200 later, the car runs fine. It needed a new battery.

Since MT and I had a day to ourselves, what did we do?

Well, we went out to breakfast, then he worked in the basement and I went to the gym and walked around the track three whole times! I wasn't going very fast; little old men and women were passing me at an alarming rate. Still, it was the first time I've been to the gym in four weeks, and the first time I've gone any significant distance without any assistive device. That's right! I was crutch-free! And yes, after those three laps, my knee was sore. I came home and iced it. It felt sooooo good.

Since we had a big breakfast, we didn't mess around with lunch. We went to Lowe's and to Target. More walking. Walking is good. Then we came home and MT took a nap and I watched TV, including the men's final of the US Open Tennis Championship. It was a long match. MT woke up, then I went upstairs and took a little nap. When I woke up, the match was still going! Finally Andy Murray won. Good for him.

You can see that the day was different from what I've been doing, but not all that much more exciting. Is this what retirement will be like? I hope so! I can't wait!! LOL

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