Tuesday, September 11, 2012

#763 bye-bye birdie

This morning I was sitting at my computer, mindlessly playing games on Facebook, putting off doing my morning stretches, when suddenly I heard a loud WHUMP against the window. My house is a tall two-story number, so I knew the sound was a bird hitting the window.

I hobbled my way downstairs and looked in the yard. Sure enough, the sparrow did not survive the collision with the window. Poor little thing. I should probably scoop it up (or have one of my minions scoop it up) so Osi doesn't snack on it. EWWW.

That's my story for today. You're just lucky I didn't take a picture of the bird carcass. I did have MT and T go outside and look at it, though. I have not shown it to Osi, but I'm quite sure she will find it.

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