Sunday, December 9, 2012

#827 the season has begun!

I consider this Christmas holiday season officially ON!

For me, the season started on Friday when I took the day off to do my Christmas shopping. I let T have the day off school, and the two of us hit the town with the goal to get gifts for everyone. I wanted to be done with the shopping, with the exception of T and MT. Check! Done! Happy face! :)

Here's what T and I learned on Friday: it's pretty fun to wander around the mall. We didn't buy much there, but we enjoyed wandering into the shops and looking around. We think we would like to do it more often. T loved pretty much every store we went into; of course: the Vans store, Foot Locker and the Apple store especially, but he also liked Crate and Barrel. 

After the mall we went to Jordan Landing and wandered around. By then, we were pretty tired, but I wasn't done. T went to hang out with his friend Trent and I finished things up at Kohls. It was a good day!

Last night the holiday fun continued. MT and I went out for a festive dinner with the credit union that I volunteer with from work. It was a nice meal. After dinner, MT and I went to a new store in town, Scheel's. It's a giant place - 22,000 square feet. There's an airplane hanging from the ceiling, hundreds of (dead) animals shown in life-like poses or as trophies on the wall and a huge ferris wheel. It's crazy. If you play a sport or have an outdoors-y hobby, you can almost certainly find something at Scheel's.

Today was a lot more low-key. It snowed last night, so Osi and I had a fun walk through the soccer field this morning. We were the first tracks out there. I felt kind of bad because it was so pristine and pretty, but it was so fun to watch Osi run around! She would put her nose right down in the snow and root through it. She would flop herself down and roll around the in the snow, too. She was smiling in her doggie way and I could tell she was happy, and that makes me happy.

Right after we left the park, it started to snow again. Sometimes it came down hard, and then it would stop, then it would come hard again. We didn't get a lot of snow, but it's cold, so it's sticking.

Tonight I put out some Christmas decorations. We didn't put up our tree this year, but I did buy a little live tree just for fun. I also got a wreath for our front door. I put out my collection of nutcrackers - I have 11! It's a tradition for T to get me a nutcracker every year. He started when he was four years old, so I have a special place in my heart for each of them. <3 p="p">
This week is also full of holiday events. On Wednesday, I'll go with Abby and Kelsie to do our annual gift shopping for our department. We've got a great list this year for our exchange game, and I'm excited. Plus it's always fun to hang out with Abby and Kelsie. Thursday is our annual customer appreciation luncheon, and Friday is our Utah employee luncheon. Also on Friday, Linda, Jake and Aunt Pat will come down for the weekend. Linda, Pat and I are going to see Ballet West's "The Nutcracker." I love the music and the Ballet West performance is quite the tradition here. So excited! On Saturday, MT and I get to go for dinner with my work group to Ruth's Chris. We feel so fortunate! We're looking forward to that delicious steak.

With all this merriment and frivolity, my heart is sad tonight. My dear dad is back in the hospital. He has contracted another infection and he's also got some problems with his blood. He was admitted to the hospital last night and is there again tonight. I'm sending him all my love and good wishes that he will get better soon and get to go back home. I'm thankful that my mom and my sister are with him and supporting each other. I wish I was there with you guys.

Good night!

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