Friday, December 7, 2012

#826 only good things to say here tonight

I'm looking forward to spending the day with T tomorrow. We are both taking off from our school and work responsibilities to go Christmas shopping :) We will get a bagel in the morning - a rare treat for us - then spend time at the mall and other shopping areas. We'll probably have lunch somewhere, too. My goal is to purchase gifts for everyone except T tomorrow. I have a list, I have money and I'm ready to shop.

Speaking of "ready to shop", a friend of mine was telling me that her usual Saturday activity is to go to Kohl's and Target and out for lunch. I usually only go to Kohl's or Target if I HAVE to; I'm not much of a browser (hence the Christmas list - I don't wander around stores). Then I thought that if I went to Kohl's or any store every couple of weeks just to wander, I might end up with a new shirt here or a pair of pants there and I wouldn't hate everything in my closet because I so rarely buy myself anything new. Might try that theory out next year as a resolution. 

This morning we had my favorite kind of weather: fog. Is that strange? I think it's so quiet and peaceful when it's foggy. It kind of sucks to drive in it when it's really thick, but I like it even then. I happily listened to the Michael Buble Christmas CD that I got from my Secret Santa last year and it was fun. One reason I think I like fog so much is because it reminds me of going to Grandma's house in Dixon during the holidays. It seems like it was foggy there often. When I was in the Sacramento area last month, the last day I was there was drizzly and foggy. I loved it!

At work today we had our final "Dip Day" of the year. I brought two dips and they were popular and tasty. The beer dip is always a hit and I added what I call my Thanksgiving dip. It is the perfect bite when put on a crispy cracker. You have the creamy from the cream cheese, crunchy from the cracker, savory from the garlic and rosemary and sweet from the dried cranberries. It's not much to look at, but it tastes divine.

It's entirely possible that there was something else I wanted to say tonight, but it has slipped my mind. It's now officially after midnight and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Happy weekend friends!

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