Thursday, January 10, 2013

#842 snowstorm 2013

There are message boards over our freeways that let us know if there is an accident ahead or how long it will take to get an interchange or whatever. Last night when I came home, the sign said WINTER STORM TOMORROW 5 PM.

On my way to work this morning, the sign said WINTER STORM TODAY 4 PM.

The wind was blowing, so all the smog and inversion yuckiness was blown right out of the valley and we could see the mountains again. It was warm, too. It was nearly 40 degrees this morning. It felt like a heatwave after the low 20s and teens we've been having. The sky was blue and you could just tell it was the "warm before the storm."

Sure enough, around 3:00 it started snowing. I was out of the office by 3:30 because one of my co-workers who lives close to me called to let me know there was a white-out in our area. She was right. It was snowing and blowing and foggy and slippery. I was glad to get home. I called T to see if he wanted a ride home, but he was still at school because...


He'll find out tomorrow if he gets to be in the play. Cross your fingers!

When it was finally time to go get him, there was a couple of inches of snow on the ground and it took me a few minutes to clear all the snow off the car. Man, the roads are slick tonight. I might have to take a snow day tomorrow and work from home. It's supposed to snow until Saturday morning. Crazy, huh?

That's all for tonight! Be safe!


Kteach said...

it makes our bout with cold weather seem a little wimpy :)

...keeping fingers crossed for T

emtes said...

Great news about T. I cross my fingers that he will get a part. You let me know I hope ;-)
And I know all about the snow you're talking about. We seems to have had just about the same weather. Rather warm a couple of days and now snowstorm! I'm so lucky I'm off work Thursdays and Fridays so I don't have to drive into town :-)
Take care in the snow now.
Hugs to you all from aunt Mia :-)