Friday, January 11, 2013

#843 T & I take a snow day

We are now in the second night of Winter Storm Gandalf (it's true - the storm has been named after a wizard from the Tolkien stories). It snowed off and on all day and was very cold.

Osi had another seizure last night, or rather early this morning around 3AM, so I slept in a little. I was tired from staying up with her to make sure she was all right. (She is.) Sleeping in was fine though, because T had a dentist appointment in the morning. It took me about half an hour to clear the snow off my car and to shovel a little path from the house to the car. There was about seven inches of snow that fell overnight. It is the powdery kind, so it blows around easily and there were bigger drifts in some places. The county snowplows did a nice job of clearing off the main roads, but the side streets, like the street I live on, is snow-packed. At the intersection, it is slushy on top and slick underneath the slush..

We made it to the dentist just fine - a little slow, but we were safe. The dentist appointment went very well. T was just in for a cleaning, but the dentist also removed the retainer that T has had on his bottom teeth. T has had that retainer for several years and he's been begging to have it taken off. The retainer did what it needed to do; his bottom teeth are fairly straight and he has a good bite. Also, no cavities! AND the dentist said that T's teeth are coming in nice and straight and it looks like he won't have to have braces after all. All good news! The funny thing is that the kid is nearly 15 years old and he still has two baby teeth! Can you believe that? They are loose and wiggly, so hopefully they will go ahead and come out in the next few months. We should know in July at his next cleaning if braces will be necessary.

When we finally made it home, I really didn't want to go all the way out to the office. I had already called the school to let them know that T wouldn't be going to school today. I had brought my computer home last night because there was something that I was working on when I left the office early yesterday. I called my boss and asked him if I could work from home. I'm so thankful that he said yes. I sat at one end of the dining table with my work and T sat at the other end of the table with my toy. We both had our headphones on and we did our own thing but we were just hanging out together. It sounds cheesy, but it was good. We both agreed it was a really "chill" day. We even took a little nap - T sprawled out on the couch and me in the queen's chair. So, I made a lot of progress on the project I'm working on AND I got to relax a little. It was fun to work in my relaxin' pants and my slippers!

Tomorrow I've got big plans. I want to watch football. I would like to go check out the new Trader Joe's. MT wants to go out to Scheel's to pick out a ski jacket. We'd like to see a movie. I really want to see "Zero Dark Thirty" and T wants to see "Gangster Squad". I have no idea what will actually happen. If it's still crappy weather, I'll probably just lay around the house and watch the football games. I'll let you know.

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