Saturday, January 12, 2013

#844 family movie night - Zero Dark Thirty

Tonight the three of us went to see the Oscar nominated film "Zero Dark Thirty". If you haven't heard, it is about the people who track down and then killed Osama bin Laden.

Most of the movie focuses on a CIA operative who figures out a way to figure out where bin Laden is. The operative is played by Jessica Chastain and I thought she was terrific. Her character in this movie, Maya, is way different from the last Oscar-nominated role I saw her in: she was Celia in "The Help".

Maya - Zero Dark Thirty

 Celia - The Help

She's great in both films.

All three of us thought ZDT was excellent. We wouldn't necessarily want to own it, but we are glad we saw it. I think it deserves to be nominated for Best Picture. It was intense and entertaining and the fact that I knew how it would end didn't take away from it all all for me.

Just a quickie note on the Oscars...T and I are both really excited about the awards season because we love movies and we have seen several of the pictures that are nominated. I'm sure there will be a post about the nominees soon. Maybe I will ask T to be a guest blogger! : p

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