Saturday, November 23, 2013

#1057 family movie night: Catching Fire

Last night the three of us went to see the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. It is the second book of the trilogy, and the second of the planned four movies. This one was by far my favorite book of the series, and it was a fantastic film.

The concept of The Hunger Games is extremely dark and troubling. To celebrate the end of the revolution, each year each District must name two Tributes, a young man and young woman to enter the Hunger Games, a fight to the death where there can be only one champion. In the first book/movie, it ended with two champions, Katniss and Peeta, both from District 12. This new movie picks up back in District 12 where Katniss and Peeta are back with their families and preparing to go on the Victory Tour.

Things don't go well though, because there is a rumbling in the other districts to revolt against the government, a revolt that Katniss unwittingly started with her defiant attitude during the Hunger Games. To retaliate, the government decides that to celebrate 75 years of the Hunger Games, each District will have to send a male and female victor to participate in the Third Quarter Quell Games. Since Katniss is the only female victor from District 12, she has to go.

The Games are brutal (they are fights to the death) and the Games Master has a lot of control of the elements and what happens. If you are going to see the movie, I won't tell you what happens, but I can say that this movie is a terrific set-up for the next one.

Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss. I love Jennifer Lawrence. She is great in all ways. When she is on the screen, you absolutely cannot take your eyes off her. She's wonderful.

I have never been a fan of Woody Harrelson. He plays Haymitch, the only other victor from District 12 besides Katniss and Peeta. He's pretty good in this role. I don't hiss when I see him anymore. I actually really liked him in Zombieland, too.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman is very good as Plutarch. He does bad guy very, very well.

I really liked everything about this movie. T and MT both loved it too. I predict we may see it again over Thanksgiving weekend and there is no doubt that we'll own it as soon as it becomes available to purchase. Good story, good acting, good film. One of our favorites we've seen this year.

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