Thursday, January 16, 2014

#1093 kitchen reno day 11

Well, it appears that the kitchen renovation will be over soon, like maybe tomorrow. MT spent today grouting the glass tiles, working his fingers "to the bone" he says. It appears his enthusiasm for the project is pretty much over, so he'll go ahead and move the appliances back in, finish the grout and we will be back to normal but with an updated look. He says he still wants to paint the cabinets, but there are other things he needs to do, like get a job or study to get his contractor's license and he also needs to do some work on one of the rental properties. (One of the renters moved out, but the folks in the other house are going to move to the bigger house and there's another guy who is ready to move into the little house. As long as they are all occupied and paying the rent, it's all good.)

I don't blame MT for being ready to move on. It was quite a project and it does look really nice. I'm ready for it to be done, too. The house has been in disarray for the past week and a half, and it's hard to muster any kind of desire to try to keep house as it is for me, let alone with the fridge being in the front room and dust and stuff everywhere. Plus we are getting pretty dang tired of eating out all the time. T is craving an omelet and a sandwich. Really, he could have a sandwich anytime, doesn't he know that?

When we get the appliance back in and get everything cleaned up, I will post a pic. :)

Tonight I bought myself a little something. This is going to sound really strange, probably, but I have been wanting a matte topcoat fingernail polish for like, two months. Why? I saw it in a magazine and thought it looked really cool. I finally found some tonight and I applied a top coat to my (manicured) nails. I do love it! The matte takes the shine off the polish and makes it look muted and, well, matte.

I had a manicure over the weekend. It actually wasn't a very good manicure, but I like the color of the polish. The reason why it wasn't very good is because there were all of these little air bubbles in the polish. At first I thought it was some kind of fancy manicure thing - do you know how the girls are all putting little designs and stuff on their nails? I thought it was a polish that put little bubbles on your fingertips. At least that's what I told myself, but my friend Nicole said, no, it's air bubbles. They were like little warts on my fingernails. The matte topcoat kind of smoothed the nails out, but it looks weird close up. From far away, though, it looks all right.

Maybe on Sunday, when I am watching football all day long, I will give myself a manicure and not have air bubbles on my nails.Maybe I'll paint my toes, too. I love to have polished toenails. A home mani/pedi while watching football! I think YES!

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Kteach said...

Good job Marty!!! :)
I'd love to see the picture when things are back in their place. Oh and of your nails too!