Saturday, January 25, 2014

#1102 starting over

MT has gone to Idaho for the weekend to spend time with his brother Kelly. T and I didn't go because we had tickets to the Jazz game tonight.  I bought a package at Christmas and we got a pair of tickets to any three home games in January. Tonight was our third game. The Jazz were playing the Washington Wizards and the Jazz got the win! It was a close game, and it was good to see the team win. The team has won two games and lost one game in the three that we have seen this month.

There are fans/people who think the Jazz should tank this season so they will have a better shot at a higher draft pick. I think the team will struggle enough as it is without trying to lose.

Our seats tonight were at the very top of the section - row 22. That's quite a climb, but the view is still pretty good.

I splurged and bought some good seats for the game on Friday night. The Jazz will be playing the Golden State Warriors. T and I are really interested in seeing Steph Curry play in person. He has a sweet shooting stroke. Another reason I wanted to go to the game on the 31st is that the Jazz will be honoring former coach Jerry Sloan. I think it will be a fun night.

Besides the basketball game, something else momentous happened today:

I went back to Weight Watchers!

I have been really struggling with trying to lose weight, and I need help with it. I believe in WW and I know the program works for me when I work the program. So I'm back and I'm excited about it and ready to lose the weight (again). 

Now it's time for Saturday Night Live. Jonah Hill is the host and Bastille is the musical guest. Jonah Hill is funny and the one song I know of Bastille is very catchy. Plus, I'm ready to have a giggle :)

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