Sunday, January 26, 2014

#1103 a very pleasant weekend indeed

I'm going to write early today because the Grammy awards are on tonight and I will be absorbed in watching that show. I was going to write about the music, but I understand that some of the awards have already been given out, so I'll just save my commentary for tomorrow.

Instead, I will say that this weekend has been very pleasant and low-key. I have read a lot and watched a couple of movies. Every now and then I watch movies by myself. MT wasn't here to watch with me and T didn't care for either movie that I saw. His loss. They were both very good.

On Friday night I popped in the DVD of The Way Way Back. I loved the kid, Duncan. He was so sweet and so sad. When he found his happy place (a water park) and some people who enjoyed being with him, it was great to watch him blossom, only to once again shrink back into himself when he had to go back home. Steve Carrell was also in the movie, and he was a total dick. Good actor.

I saw a little bit of T in Duncan. Especially when he had this face:

I have totally seen this look on T's face before. I wanted to give him a hug.

I flat out cried at the end of this movie. Sam Rockwell was great as Owen, too.

This afternoon I went to see a movie at the theater. Lizzie, my sister, recommended it to me. I had been thinking of seeing it, but then thought I'd wait for the video, but I'm glad I saw it on the big screen.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, with Ben Stiller as Walter, was pretty great. I confess that I am not a huge Ben Stiller fan. When a movie of his comes out, I don't automatically think that I must see it. He can be pretty funny or kind of blah to me. I have this love/hate thing with his looks. I like the dark hair and blue eyes, but his face is sort of crooked or something. All that being said, I sort of loved him in this movie. There was a scene where he was wearing a black t-shirt or sweatshirt and he had this little leather necklace and a beard and I thought, "Ooh Ben Stiller! Lookin' good!" Also, the unconventional way he gets around Iceland was awesome. It was a fun movie, and yes, I got teary at the end. I'm such a baby!!

In addition to seeing two movies and going to a basketball game, I also finished a book! If you look at the 2014 Reading List page. you will find out if I liked the new Helen Fielding novel.

That's all for today friends! Hope you had a great weekend!

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Kteach said...

I loved The Way Way Back :)