Thursday, January 30, 2014

#1107 TBT: Mexico cruise 2009

This photo is hanging on my bedroom wall and I see it every time I walk into my closet. Naturally, I see it every day, but sometimes you really see something and you just remember.

That's what happened to me today with this photo.

This photo was taken in February 2009 on the last cruise we took. We departed out of the port of Los Angeles for a Mexican Riviera cruise. This shot was taken while we were still in the port, just getting ready to leave. You can see that MT and I have our beers and T is looking less than amused by us. He was just 10 years old and clearly did not want to have his hair cut. Ahh...good times :)

Actually, we were all sort of disappointed in the cruise itself - too many sea days. We only had three ports of call. We had fun at each port, but we were on the ship way too much. Marcie, our travel agent, said we wouldn't like it and as usual, she was right.

There are still some good memories of the trip and this little snapshot is one of them!

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