Friday, January 31, 2014

#1108 game night!

T and I are going to our fourth Jazz game this month tonight! (All purchased by me.) I was especially interested in going to tonight's game for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I am interested in the opponent, the Golden State Warriors and in particular one of their players, Steph Curry. I started paying attention to Steph during the playoffs last year. He is a wonderful shooter and I think it will be fun to watch him play in person.

The second reason, and the reason I would have bought tickets to this game no matter who the Jazz were playing, is that tonight the team will honor former coach Jerry Sloan. The Jazz will hang a jersey in the arena. The number on the jersey will be the number of wins Sloan had as a coach for the Jazz: 1,223. He is the only coach in NBA history to reach 1,000 wins with a single team. He's in the basketball Hall of Fame.  Jerry Sloan is pretty synonymous with the Utah Jazz. It's awesome that the team is going to honor him and that the fans will have a chance to say thanks, too.

See, Coach Sloan abruptly resigned in February of 2011. One night he was coaching, the next night he was gone. We, the fans, never got to say good-bye or thanks. It was a very tumultuous time. I think tonight will be great. I already feel a little teary. (I'm such a baby!)

The game will be on ESPN and it's the late start game, so tip-off isn't even until 8:30. I'm glad it's Friday. It would be tough to get up early for school and work on a weekday.

Happy weekend!

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