Monday, February 10, 2014

#1113 my return to spinning

A few months ago I joined a new gym. There are several reasons for it, but I won't get into it now. I haven't actually been to my new gym for a couple of months, and there are reasons for that, too, like the holidays came along and I just wasn't motivated at all to go to the gym, among other things.

Since I rejoined WW, though, I have had a renewed interest in getting back to the gym.  There are some things that I miss about exercising. There are other aspects that I didn't miss at all, to be honest, but I have the membership and if I don't go, I'm just wasting the money, so I might as well get over there. I went on Saturday after the WW meeting. I just spent some time on the treadmill and also did a little time on the stationary bike. It felt good to move the body and get a little sweaty.

There are two classes in particular that I miss: Zumba and spinning. I haven't done Zumba since I had the knee surgery. I think the new knee will be ok as long as I don't overdo it. No jumping. Gotta keep it pretty low impact. The other knee, the left one, I think it will hurt some with Zumba. There are days when that joint hurts more than I would like to admit.

Spinning, though, I can do that. I've checked the class schedule at the new gym, and I found that they have a spinning class on Monday night at 6:30. I won't lie to you: I was nervous about it. What if there were a whole bunch of really fit beautiful people there that were used to pushing it hard and didn't even break a sweat? What if the instructor was a total hard-body who yells at chubby newcomers? What if I just can't hang? I'm out of shape.

I needn't have worried. The instructor was a cool guy. I think I prefer men instructors; they tend not to be as shrill as women can be. I didn't really care for his music choices, but it was ok. The people were good and some were really fit and some were not as fit. I stayed with it as much as I could; I lasted the whole hour, but I had to ease off on the tension and I sat down sometimes when they were standing. I pedaled the whole time, though, and that's important.

My bum bones will probably hurt tomorrow. It takes time to build up bum tolerance to those hard seats!

I'm glad I went, though, and I look forward to trying it again. And who knows? Maybe I'll try a Zumba class this weekend to see how that goes.

I finished a book last week. Check out the 2014 Reading List page!

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Kteach said...

It's good you're back at the gym and enjoying it :)