Monday, February 24, 2014

#1118 meh

This past weekend I basically just stayed home and rested. I feel a lot better, but the cold seems to have settled right in my sinuses and it's causing a lot of pressure. I got some sinus medicine, though, and it is helping.

MT has been at his new job for a week now. He doesn't mind the work he is doing, but I know it's just a job, it's not something that he loves. His heart is in real estate; not that he wants to be a realtor, he wants to be an investor. He has plenty of ideas (of course!) about how to turn his dreams into reality. I'm interested to see what he does with his plans.

T will be participating in a state business competition with his school later this week. He will be staying in a hotel with his team in another city. I know he'll be fine and behave appropriately, but I'm still a mom and I am anxious. It will be ok and he'll have fun. Right?

MT and I are suffering from post-Olympic let-down. It was fun to watch the Games for the past couple of weeks. Fortunately, some of our favorite shows will start up again this week. Survivor starts a new season on Wednesday and Scandal will be back on Thursday! Plus there is American Idol and The Voice to enjoy. We like singing shows.

I guess that's all I've got for tonight. February is such a meh month in my world! I'm ready for spring and sunshine and flowers and golf!


Kteach said...

Where is the meeting for Tristan? what town? I imagine they have chaperons and teachers going :) He'll do great! :)

emtes said...

Good luck to Tristan! I don't know what that is but I suppose it's some kind of competition? He's very clever your boy, you must be so proud.
I too watch American Idol and I really like Caleb the rocker :-)
I will watch The Voice later tonight. I can't see it when it airs but one day later.
I'm looking forward to meeting you again in April. Take care and give your family a hug from me.
En stor puss och kram fran moster Mia :-)