Monday, March 3, 2014

#1123 four things I like

First of all, I did pretty well in the five categories where I guessed who would actually get the Oscar. I really only waffled on the Best Actor category where I didn't commit to the Ejiofor or McConaughey, but I guessed right on all the others. Not that I'm a genius or anything. It wasn't that hard. T was super-disappointed that Leo did not win and that The Wolf of Wall Street didn't win either. 

There is no specific topic I wanted to write about tonight, so I'll just tell you about some things that I like, specifically, four things. I know it's random, but here you go.

Tinted shampoo. As I'm getting older, I am getting lighter colored hairs along my temples and really throughout my head. Those hairs are pretty white and I'm not a huge fan of them. Since I have red hair, the white hair really makes my hair look brassy and I don't like that. LA, my BFF, told me that she had been using a tinted shampoo that she got from her hair stylist and the shampoo did a good job of making her blonde hair less brassy. When I had my hair trimmed in January, I asked my stylist, Lanna, what she thought about tinted shampoo. She recommended that I try the Aveda product for red heads. I really like it! I think my hair looks a little darker and it definitely feels better. I think using the salon product makes my hair feel softer and nicer than the regular shampoo like Suave. I tried to find a picture of my hair before I started using the product, but I couldn't find a good one for contrast. Maybe it's all in my imagination anyway, but I'm going to stay with it.

Guacamole. My friends Kelsie and Nicole turned me on to this delicious guacamole from Costco. It comes in single serving containers, and there are 10 or 12 containers in a package. The guacamole tastes good and the serving size is actually perfect even though I'm pretty sure I could eat three of them at a time. MT really likes it too. Since I found it, our fridge has never been without it. If you love guacamole and you have a Costco membership, I encourage you to get over there and get some.

Snap-lock storage containers. Kelsie and Nicole also got me hooked on these storage containers which I purchased at Costco. (I love Costco!) The ones I bought are plastic. There were 38 pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are fantastic. They store easily and they don't leak. I can microwave them and put them in the dishwasher. I only spent $20 for my set. Plus, they are also available in glass (Pyrex) and the lids work on both the plastic and the glass. Fantastic!

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. I love love love Jimmy Fallon. When he was on Late Night, I couldn't stay up to see him, even on Friday. (I'm at my most tired on Friday night, as I have documented before.) Now that Jimmy is on at 10:30 Mountain time, I'm all in! He makes me laugh. Some of the bits don't really work for me (the three-legged pants dance with Cameron Diaz) but others make me giggle for days (the lip sync contest with Paul Rudd). I was never a big fan of Jay Leno. I just didn't care for him. I liked Letterman better, but now Dave just seems kind of crotchety. I guess he always was that way, but I was ok with it. Jimmy looks like he is having the time of his life and I love that kind of enthusiasm. I have watched The Tonight Show On Demand the next day and I've watched it in real time and I have found that I'm ok with staying up and watching in real time. Jimmy rules!

Ok, there are four of my favorite things! Talk to you tomorrow!

I finished a book over the weekend. Check out the 2014 Reading List page!

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