Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#1138 slice of life

Sometimes there just isn't very much to say. Today was just a normal day for me. 

Work was kind of interesting. We have an opening in our department so we have been interviewing people for about a month. I think I've talked to about nine or ten people. It's a challenge and a big responsibility to bring someone into our group. I have to weigh whether or not I think the candidate will do a good job and I also have to determine whether or not the candidate will fit in with the rest of the team and I have to figure all that out in a 30 to 40 minute conversation. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. It's way easier when we can get it right!

When I got home tonight, I decided I would do a little yoga. I got a new DVD recently that has five yoga practices on it. I have only done one of the practices and I liked it, so I thought I would do a different practice tonight. Holy crap! It was way over my level. In the practice I tried today, the instructor was balancing his weight on his hands, raising his feet off the ground. I don't have that kind of strength in my upper body, not now and maybe not ever. It would take a lot of yoga for me to be able to do that, I think. Through most of the DVD, I just sat there and watched in amazement, sometimes uttering, "I can't do that, Rodney Yee!" (It's a Rodney Yee DVD.)

Tonight MT and I watched some TV. I really like the new shows About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher. While I watching TV and giggling, I filled out my basketball bracket for March Madness. Yay basketball! The tournament starts on Thursday.

Well, there's a little slice-of-my-life for you. I'm pretty sure I'll have more interesting words tomorrow. :)

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