Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#1139 sweet 16

How is it even possible that my sweet baby boy is now sweet 16? It is amazing how the time flies! I look at him now, taller than me by at least four inches, with a deep voice and a little facial hair and I struggle to remember him at six months or six years old. Could I possibly be getting older too?

We had a really mellow celebration at T's request. He and I went to Panda Express, his favorite restaurant, to get dinner. His grandparents from Idaho came up (they are on their way to Arizona for a wedding). We had Chinese take-out and chocolate cake. I took a couple of pictures, but I was signing the birthday song and the pics are kind of blurry. He got some gifts: a computer, gift cards and cash. Oh and some concert tickets to see Childish Gambino in April.

Now the birthday boy is upstairs doing homework. So dedicated :)

T and his dad are a lot alike in this way: both of them are pretty ambivalent about celebrating their birthdays. I love to celebrate their birthdays. Those are two of my favorite days! T's birthday is especially my favorite because that's the day I became a mom. I guess technically I became a mom the day that I became aware of existence inside my body, but the day he was born was a pretty big life-changer for MT and I. Of course there have been bad times to go along with the good, but I think there has been more good than bad.

Happy birthday T!

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Anonymous said...

He sent me a very nice message from Amazon. Glad you guys had a nice evening :)